Transfer of Technology through Demonstration programmes on diversification of aquaculture

RGCA, the R & D arm of MPEDA has standardized the technology for culture production of exportable variety of fin and shell fishes and started commercial production of seeds for species viz; sea bass mud crab, GIFT tilapia, high health tiger shrimp etc. To propagate the technologies among farmers in various parts of the country, it was decided in a meeting on 19/11/2012 on plan of action for transfer of technologies developed by RGCA to the field. Accordingly the field centres were informed and demonstrations on culture of these species are initiated. High health tiger shrimp trial in Maharashtra has shown a good result by producing 1770 Kg in  0.80  ha wsa. High health tiger shrimp seeds from RGCA, Gopalpur are stocked in demonstration farms in Gujarat, Kerala, Odisha and the progress is promising. Sea bass seeds are stocked in Tamil Nadu where as Mud Crab demonstrations are  going on in Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. GIFT Tilapia farming is being demonstrated in Odisha. Actions are being taken by the rest of the field centres  to demonstrate the culture of diversified exportable aquaculture species.