MPEDA Golden Jubilee Marine Quest - 2022

Country’s largest quizzing event on Marine and Fisheries sector


To register send WhatsApp message to

+91- 7012569672


  1. Second stage of Marine Quest will be a team event in which students of class 8 -12 across India can participate.
  2. There should be two participants in a team representing the same school.
  3. All the teams should register for the quiz via google form link.Any number of teams can participate from one school.
  4. Quiz will be conducted via google form. Link will be provided in the facebook page of MPEDA.
  5. Multiple entries by a single team and incomplete registration will lead to immediate disqualification.
  6. Winners will be selected by a panel of experts on the basis of total number of correct answers and time taken to submit the answers. Decisions of the panel will be final and binding.
  7. Prize money for any quiz will be distributed within one month of submitting the bank details.
  8. Students are requested to read and follow the rules and guidelines promptly while participating in the quiz.
  9. Follow the official facebook page and other social media handles of MPEDA for all the updates regarding the quiz.
  10. Only one team will be selected from each state.
  • Quizzing season from 1st May to 24th August 2022
  • Month-long Curtain Raiser event starts on 1St May 2022
  • Participants: students of grades 8-12
  • Total Prize money: Over Rs. 1 million
  • Virtual preliminary rounds; physical semifinals & Grand Finale
  • Eminent Civil Service Officers get featured throughout the quiz as QMs
  • Finalists are given prizes by Senior Govt. officials

MPEDA was established in 1972 under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry with an objective to promote the export of marine products. Due to its interventions the marine products export, which was worth a few million dollars in the ‘70s, has touched a record figure of US$ 7.74 billion in 2021-22, despite the crises due to Covid pandemic and other trade issues.   


The Authority has kick-started its Golden Jubilee year celebrations on 24th August 2021. MPEDA celebrates its Golden Jubilee with a myriad of activities and programmes along with “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav” being celebrated by the nation. 


On this occasion, as done in previous years, a “MPEDA Golden Jubilee Marine Quest – 2022” for the school students across the country is being organized, for students from 8th to 12th classes in hybrid mode. This is the fourth edition of MPEDA Marine Quiz competition. The previous ones were confined to coastal states, and were very successful in participation.


The first stage, which is a curtain raiser with social media Quizzes was organized from 1st to 30th May 2022 to generate awareness among students about the event. More than 2700 students across the country have registered & participated in the curtain raiser, which had daily quizzes on a myriad of topics. Three winners were selected every day and prizes were given.

The second stage of the Quiz, which is a team event and intends state / UT level participation. Two participants representing the same school can form a team, and there can be any number of teams from one school.

The registration of teams for Stage II will be open from 6th to 20th June 2022 through Google forms posted on MPEDA website as well as on MPEDA social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram etc. The Stage II competition is on 27th June 2022.

The winners of Stage II will move on to Stage III, which is cluster based. The winners of Stage III get qualified for the Stage IV, the Semi Finals. Four teams each will play in each semi final and from each semi final, top two teams will qualify for the Grand Finale. The semi finals and Grand finale will be conducted in physical format.

The winners of the Grand Finale will be awarded the title Champions of MPEDA Golden Jubilee Marine Quest 2022 in a separate function held alongwith the Golden Jubilee celebrations of MPEDA. The Champion team will be given prize money of Rs. 1.00 Lakh (Rupees One lakh). Appropriate prizes will also be given to other finalists. The total prize money for MPEDA Golden Jubilee Marine Quest is nearly Rs. 10.00 lakh.

All the participants are entitled to get digital certificates endorsed by the International Quizzing Association, Asia Chapter. The entire event is researched, coordinated and presented by Q Factory Knowledge Services.

For further queries, please contact Q Factory Knowledge Services by email to or by phone @ +91- 7012569672. 


  1. The Quiz is open to school students of India from classes 8th to 12th
  2. Stage I of the Quiz is Social Media stage, where students have to register and participate individually, and NOT as a team.
  3. Students can register using the Google form link and participate in the Quiz.
  4. In stage I quizzes get featured in the social media pages of MPEDA (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram), every day from 1st May 2022 onwards for 30 days at 8 PM.
  5. Every day three questions will be posted in the social media pages of MPEDA.
  6. Answers have to be sent to the WhatsApp number given. Take care to add YOUR NAME, SCHOOL, CITY & STATE / UT just below the answers and send it as a SINGLE message.
  7. More than one message from a participant leads to disqualification.
  8. The maximum time for submission of answers is 1 hour.
  9. THREE winners will be chosen from among those who sent the highest number of correct answers in the quickest time, in that order, and will be awarded Cash Prizes.
  10. Winners will be intimated on the same day and they should furnish the details including photographs to be published the next day, within the stipulated time.
  11. Winners should like & share the social media pages of MPEDA.
  12. Winners should also publish the results on their social media pages/handles, tagging #MPEDA.
  13. MPEDA Golden Jubilee Marine Quest is endorsed and certified by the International Quizzing Association, (IQA) Asia Chapter.All the participants from stage II onwards will get certification by IQA Asai.
  14. Quiz is researched, presented & coordinated by Q Factory. For any queries or clarifications regarding the participation & quiz formats, please contact +91-7012569672.