All Aquaculture hatcheries established for the purpose of production of seeds of exportable varieties of fish and shellfish are eligible to be enrolled with MPEDA. Hatchery Enrolment Number assigned to the enrolled hatchery is issued in the form of a card. The enrolled hatchery shall not use any prohibited antibiotics/drugs or pharmacologically active substances notified by the Government of India from time to time. The hatchery shall maintain proper records of inputs used, production, diseases, screening details of seed, disposal/sale etc., and make available to MPEDA officials or persons inspecting the hatchery so as to ensure traceability.

Based on the type of hatchery infrastructure to undertake activities like maturation to production of Post larvae/fry/fingerling stages or to raise Post larvae/fingerling from nauplii/fry, hatchery enrolment is considered for (i) Hatcheries with facilities for all stages of operation and (ii) Hatcheries with facilities for limited stages of operation

For applying for hatchery enrolment, please follow the link