1. Site should be suitable for culturing the species mentioned below:

  • Asian seabass
  • GIFT Tilapia
  • Mangrove Crab
  • SPF L.vannamei culture in fresh water
  • SPF Tiger shrimp
  • All male scampi culture
  • Any other species as decided by the Competent Authority

2. Good Quality water source should be available.

3. The site should be accessible.

4. Beneficiary should have own land.

5. Electrified farms will be an added advantage.

6. Beneficiary should be willing to continue the demonstration at least for 3 successive crops of sufficient period, even in case of crop failure or any unforeseen incident.

7. The water spread area of farm selected for demonstration should be at least 1 ha except for crab for which the water spread area should be of 0.5 ha.

8. Adjoining / Neighborhood area should have potential for the culture of concerned species and about 10 beneficiaries have to take up the culture in the nearby areas before the end of 3rd crop.

9. Estimate of infrastructure cost, operational cost for the 1st crop and the assumptions made there under are at Annexure IA to VIB.

10. For the 1st crop, 100% of the operational cost would be borne by MPEDA as per Annexure IA to IF.

11. For the 2nd crop beneficiary should contribute 25% of the total operational cost and 75% will be borne by MPEDA as per Annexure IA to IF.

12. For the 3rd crop, beneficiary should contribute 50% of the total operational cost and 50% will be borne by MPEDA as per Annexure IA to IF.

13. The assets / facilities created for the demonstration will be handed over to the beneficiary on completion of three crops of sufficient period.

14. Appointment of Aquaculture trainee for the period of culture will be done by MPEDA. Beneficiary is expected to provide a shelter / accommodation for 24×7 supervision of the farm by the Aquaculture trainee.

15. Insurance for each crop is required.

16. Beneficiary should execute a bond before starting the 1st crop.

17. The amount realized from the sales of the harvest will be retained by the beneficiary.

18. Beneficiary can be an individual / Society / SHG / Trust / Company / Partnership / PSU / Govt. Dept – Central or State / Autonomous institutions of State / Central Govt.

19. Beneficiary should procure / provide the items under operational cost and obtain immediate reimbursement from MPEDA field office upon submission of credit bills.

20. Reimbursement will be limited to actual or the calculations provided at Annexure IA to IF (as applicable), whichever is less.

21. Beneficiary shall arrange for space covered for feed, seed and other implements or essential items for the purpose of demonstration.

22. Beneficiary has to co-operate in MPEDA’s efforts in conducting training programmes in demonstration site, wherein it is expected to show all the activities related to farming to farmers / other stakeholders.

23. Necessary permission has to be obtained by the farmer from the concerned Govt. agencies wherever it is required.

24. Any other unforeseen expenditure, investment, losses, claims will have to be borne by the beneficiary other than the ones mentioned in the document.