Listed below are certain websites that are useful in providing information on the international trade data, market analysis for your export products, and voluntary standards prevailing, especially with major developed markets and retails chains, investment flow and opportunities etc.

  • Trade Map

    An online tool with monthly, quarterly and yearly international trade data combined with statistical indicators and information on trading companies which helps you prioritize export or import markets.

  • Market Access Map

    An online tool for analyzing market access conditions worldwide, including applied and bound tariff rates, trade agreements (rules of origin and tariff preferences), export-import statistics and non-tariff measures.

  • Standards Map

    An online tool to analyze and compare voluntary standards promoting sustainable development applied to the production and trade of goods and services.
  • Investment Map

    An online tool that provides the sector breakdown of foreign direct investment (FDI), trade, market access and foreign affiliates information to support strategies of investment attraction and targeting.