The Chief Vigilance Officers are extended hands of the CVC. The Chief Vigilance Officer are appointed in to assist the Head of the Department/Organization in all vigilance matters. The Chief Vigilance Officer act as link between the Organization and Central Vigilance Commission.

Head of Vigilance Section

CVO-  K S Pradeep IFS, Secretary MPEDA

E-mail: pradeep[at]mpeda[dot]gov[dot]in

Contact No:0484-2317892, 2311901-Extn:203

Staff of Vigilance Section

Tulsi Nair, 

Assistant Director(Official Language),

E-mail: tulsinair[at]mpeda[dot]gov[dot]in

Contact No: 0484-2311901 Extn: 500

Staff of Vigilance Section

Ashitha Khaleel, Senior Clerk,

E-mail:  ashitha[at]mpeda[dot]gov[dot]in

Contact No: 0484-2311901 Extn: 311