Concept of Value Addition

Value addition is the enhancement added to a product or service by a company before the product is offered to customers.
Products processed as “Ready to eat’, ‘Ready to cook’, ‘Ready to fry’, ‘thaw & eat’, ‘ Heat & Serve’ and ‘retail raw branded products’ and other fishery pharmaceutical and cosmetic products of high unit value in export market are considered as Value Added Products.


A. Shrimp Products

  1. Breaded And Battered Shrimp
  2. IQF Marinated Shrimp
  3. Skewered Shrimp
  4. Stretched Shrimp (Nobashi)
  5. AFD Shrimp, AFD Powder
  6. Blanched/ Cooked Shrimp
  7. IQF Head-On/ Headless /Butterfly cooked/ blanched shirimp
  8. IQF Peeled Tail-on cooked shrimp
  9. Cooked salad shrimp
  10. Cooked and peeled shrimp
  11. Sushi
  12. Shrimp Pickle
  13. IQF Tray pack shrimp
  14. Shrimp Curry.

B. Cephalopods Products

  1. Double Skinned Cuttlefish IQF Sashmi Grade
  2. IQF Cooked/ Blanched squid Cuttlefish fillets Sashimi grade
  3. Cuttlefish strips blanched
  4. Squid strips blanched
  5. Cuttlefish Pine Cut/ Diamond Cut
  6. Stuffed Squid IQF Tray Pack
  7. Squid Tube Tray Pack
  8. Squid Ring Blanched IQF
  9. IQF Tray Pack Squid
  10. Cuttlefish Skewers
  11. Vaccum Skin Packed Squid & Cuttle Fish Products in trays
  12. Marinated Squid
  13. Battered and breaded Cephalopod products
  14. AFD Cuttlefish/Squid.

C. Finfish products

  1. Fish pickles
  2. Fish curry Frozen Fish Fillets
  3. Fish Loins/ Fish Steaks
  4. Breaded fish fingers
  5. Breaded fish fillets
  6. Tray pack fish
  7. Pre-cooked Loins
  8. Fish powder
  9. Fish soup

D. Other items

  1. Pasteurized crab meat
  2. Stuffed crab (crab balls/ saicie)
  3. Seafood and vegetable mix
  4. Mixed seafood skewers
  5. Seafood mix in tray pack
  6. Surimi Analogue products
  7. Patties/nuggets
  8. Mussels/Clam meat pickle
  9. Crab cakes
  10. Breaded crab cakes
  11. Raw crab meat
  12. Paddle crab in trays
  13. Half cut cooked lobster
  14. IQF/Tray packed peeled lobster meat
  15. Seafood sausage
  16. Frozen seafood curry and rice
  17. Frozen seafood curry with porotta
  18. Blanched/cooked lobster tail
  19. Seafood in brine/ oil/ sauce
  20. Fried bivalves/ fish/ shrimp