“Unlock the Future of Seafood Trade with MPEDA’s AI-driven Seafood Inquiry Chatbot Innovation Challenge!”

Are you ready to shape the future of seafood trade? MPEDA invites Engineering students in computer science and allied disciplines from India’s top 50 educational institutions to participate in the AI driven Seafood Inquiry Chatbot Innovation Challenge. We are seeking innovative solutions to revolutionize how we manage trade inquiries regarding Indian seafood for global customers.

Problem Statement:

In a rapidly changing technology driven business environment, MPEDA is at the forefront of promoting Indian seafood in the global market. However, the surge in inquiries regarding the availability, rates, and exporter details of Indian seafood products has created a challenge. During participation in numerous international seafood fairs and buyer-seller meets, MPEDA faces a high volume of trade inquiries. Handling these inquiries efficiently, accurately, and promptly with regular follow-up to lead to a business transaction is crucial for fostering international trade relationships. Ideally, the trade queries shall be transformed into a seamless buyer–seller relationship between importers and seafood exporters in India through regular follow up communications via email, virtual buyer-seller meets, physical buyer- seller meets etc.

Solution Framework:

“Revolutionizing Inquiry Management: Introducing an AI-Driven Chatbot Solution”

MPEDA envisions a cutting-edge AI-driven chatbot solution that will revolutionize how seafood inquiries are managed and lead to business relationships. By integrating an intelligent chatbot into our system, we aim to:

  1. Enhance Efficiency: Instantaneous responses to inquiries, 24/7, ensuring no inquiry is left unanswered, leading to higher efficiency in inquiry management.
  2. Accuracy and Reliability: Utilize open-source large language model for website to comprehend diverse queries accurately, providing reliable information about Indian seafood products, their availability, and exporter details.
  3. Seamless Follow-ups: Automate the process of collecting necessary details during inquiries and send personalized follow-up through emails, chats, virtual meetings etc. leading to seamless business relationships with potential buyers.
  4. Global Presence: Extend the chatbot’s reach across multiple platforms, ensuring a global presence for Indian seafood, making it accessible to a wider audience. India is exporting seafood to 129 countries and hence queries in multiple international languages needed to be addressed.
  5. Data Security: Implement robust security measures to protect user data, ensuring compliance with global data protection standards.

The winning teams of the Seafood Inquiry Chatbot Innovation Challenge will receive a total prize money of 12 lakh rupees !!!



  • Date of publication in MPEDA website-15.11.23
  • Briefing to the registered teams through Virtual meeting- 05:00 pm on 21.11.23
  • Registration Deadline-27.11.23
  • Sample data sets will be provided by email Presentation Dates will be  announced –28.11.23
  • submission date(Closing date) –08.12.23
  • Announcement of Winners:20.12.23


Join us in this transformative journey! Let’s innovate, inspire, and shape the future of seafood trade together!

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