Market Research and Intelligence is a vital marketing tool which can provide in depth information on a targeted market, which are mainly utilized to penetrate into prospective markets and strengthen the position in existing markets. The potential markets can be better exploited by studying the pattern of consumer preferences and market intelligence. Market Research will provide valuable analytics which will aid in decision making such as pricing, packaging and even product development.

In order to strengthen the existing market, the awareness on up-to-date market changes or shift in product demand is of innate importance. This will provide necessary insights to the established Indian exporters to take a quick decision on changing the product lines based on the consumer preferences or short-term demands.


Anticipated Outcome of the Market Research activity


  • Providing quick market intelligence to increase our market share in traditional markets
  • Identification of non- traditional potential markets which can be easily penetrated.
  • Provide inputs for quick decisions to be taken to tap the immediate opportunities in the market.
  • Helps the Seafood Exporters to streamline the production lines based on the market demand.
  • The outcome of the study will increase the exports of Indian Seafood in existing markets and provide inputs for penetrating new markets.