Aquaculture Farm Enrolment

Farm enrolment data is a key element for establishing traceability in the supply chain. All Aquaculture farms established for the purpose of culture of exportable varieties of fish and shellfish are eligible to be enrolled with MPEDA. Each aquaculture farm enrolled with MPEDA is identified by a Unique Identification number or FARMID and representative geographical coordinates of the farm. An enrolment card is issued to farmer when his/her farm is enrolled. .

MPEDA has generated a database of nearly 70000 aquaculture farms across the coastal states of India which is maintained in an online system. The application forms for enrolment are available at MPEDA Regional Divisions, Sub Regional Divisions and ELISA Screening Laboratories operating in the maritime states.

PHT (Pre Harvest Test) certificate issued by MPEDA ELISA Screening Laboratories is mandatory for farm produce exported to European Union. A farm must be enrolled to be eligible to apply for Pre Harvest Test certificate.

Procedure for Enrolment

  • The application for enrolment of the export oriented aquaculture farm shall be submitted to the concerned MPEDA office under whose jurisdiction the Aqua farm is located.
  • Every application for enrolment of an export oriented aquaculture farm under this scheme shall be accompanied by a prescribed fee. Fee structure is as follows:
Sl.No Area  (WSA) Traditional Culture System Scientific Culture System
Fee (Rs.)Fee (Rs.)
1Upto  2 .0 Ha 10001000
22.1 to 3.0  Ha 10002000
33.1  to 4.0 Ha 10002000
44.1 to  5.0 ha 10002000
55.1  o  6.0 Ha 10005000
66.1 to  7.0 Ha 10005000
77.1  to 8.0 Ha 10005000
88.1  to 9.0 Ha 10005000
99.1  to  10 Ha 10005000
1010    Ha  and  above  10005000
1110 to 30 Ha2000
1230 to 50 Ha3000
13Above  50 Ha4000
  • Every application for enrolment of an export oriented aquaculture farm shall be accompanied by the following documents:




Documentary evidence in support of the name and address of the owner of the farm


Copy of farm land document OR lease agreement for the farm land in the name of the farmer


A passport size photograph of the farmer.



  • On receipt of the application, the issuing officer shall verify the particulars given in the application and its enclosures. If the application is found to be in order, the issuing officer shall take the application for further processing. If the application is not in order, the same shall be returned to the applicant for rectification of defects and re-submission.
  • The deputed officer physically verifies the farm. After due verification of the documents and the layout of the farms and recording of the coordinates of the farm using Global Positioning System (GPS) device and on finding that the details furnished in the application/Data Collection Form are correct, the farm may be recommended for  enrolment 
  • The concerned officer of the field office accords Level 1 approval online for the farm with a system generated Farm  Identification number  and then the case is forwarded to Head Office (HO) for Level 2 verification  and approval.
  • After Level 2 Approval, an Online Enrolment Certificate will be issued to the farmer.


Terms and Conditions:

  • This scheme shall apply to all export oriented aquaculture farms producing raw material for export.
  • All Aquaculture Farms intending to produce exportable varieties of fish and shellfish are eligible to be issued with MPEDA Enrolment
  • All export oriented farms irrespective of their registrations with other agencies/departments have to get Enrolment Certificate from MPEDA for export traceability.
  • For farms operating on lease basis, the valid lease period shall not be less than the duration of at least one crop for getting enrolled.
  • The Enrolment Certificate  is issued for the purpose of traceability of produce from export oriented aquaculture farms
  • The farm shall strictly abide by all the instructions/guidelines prescribed from time to time by MPEDA for production and supply of quality produce for export.
  • The farm shall not use any prohibited antibiotics/drugs or pharmacologically active substances notified by the Government of India from time to time.
  • MPEDA officials or persons authorised by MPEDA shall be permitted to enter into the farms for monitoring, taking samples etc., as the case may be in discharge of their functions.
  • This Enrolment certificate shall be cancelled/suspended on violation of any of the instructions/guidelines issued by MPEDA from time to time.
  • On change of name/ownership/lease/address, the concerned shall submit documentary proof for due endorsement within one month from such change.
  • Farm shall maintain proper records of inputs used, production, disposal/sale etc so as to ensure traceability.
  • The farmer shall produce the Certificate on demand by persons authorised by MPEDA for verification.