Aquaculture Farm Enrolment

Farm enrolment data is a key element for establishing traceability in the supply chain. All Aquaculture farms established for the purpose of culture of exportable varieties of fish and shellfish are eligible to be enrolled with MPEDA. Each aquaculture farm enrolled with MPEDA is identified by a Unique Identification number or FARMID and representative geographical coordinates of the farm. An enrolment card is issued to farmer when his/her farm is enrolled. .

MPEDA has generated a database of nearly 70000 aquaculture farms across the coastal states of India which is maintained in an online system. The application forms for enrolment are available at MPEDA Regional Divisions, Sub Regional Divisions and ELISA Screening Laboratories operating in the maritime states.

PHT (Pre Harvest Test) certificate issued by MPEDA ELISA Screening Laboratories is mandatory for farm produce exported to European Union. A farm must be enrolled to be eligible to apply for Pre Harvest Test certificate.