Consequent to the promulgation of US Seafood Regulation on HACCP on 18th December 1995, it became mandatory that every processor exporting to USA to comply with HACCP with effect from 18.12.1997. MPEDA constituted an HACCP Cell in early 1996 to assist the Indian seafood industry in the effective implementation of  HACCP. Technical personnel of MPEDA are trained in India and abroad on various aspects of HACCP including HACCP Audit. The major activities under HACCP Cell are:

  • Organizing training programmes in HACCP basic principles and audit for the benefit of technical personnel in the seafood industry.

                 Fee structure

                 HACCP (Basic ) Training –Duration- 4 days- Rs.10,000/- + GST

  • Assisting the seafood establishments in the preparation of HACCP manual, certification of such manuals, certification of HACCP compliance etc.
  • Inviting Consultants from US FDA, FAO / INFOFISH etc. from time to time which facilitates updating knowledge on HACCP and strengthens the technical base of MPEDA and the industry.


Covid-19 Guidelines for the Seafood Sector

The Covid 19 global pandemic has affected the seafood economy in an adverse manner. As the markets get back to normalcy slowly, concerns have been raised by buyers, super market chains and import authorities about the transmission of viral nucleic material through seafood consignments and its packaging.

In view of the above situation, MPEDA has brought out a booklet –  Covid-19 Guidelines for the Seafood Sector – which covers the sanitation and hygiene protocols to be followed by the seafood sector in keeping away the risk of viral contamination of Covid 19 through fish and fishery products. The booklet also has guidelines on sanitation, social distancing and material handling protocols to be followed in fishing boats, landing centres, auction centres and aquaculture farms while procuring the seafood for human consumption.

The booklet was prepared by Quality Control Section of MPEDA after researching and reviewing the published documents such as those from FAO, European Commission, USFDA, FSSAI etc.

The link to the booklet is as follows: