The following services are rendered by Marketing Section for the benefit of the trade.

  1. Dissemination of market information & trade enquiries to trade
  2. Taking up problems/issues of the industry with appropriate agency / organizations working under Govt. of India.
  3. Redressal of quality and trade disputes.
  4. Providing suggestions / proposals for pre-budget exercise of the Union Government related to seafood sector.
  5. Providing comments for fixing of SION against Advance Authorization issued for marine products for import of ingredients for the purpose of availing duty exemption.
  6. Providing details for the Issue of export performance certificate for the duty free import of specified specialised inputs/chemicals and flavouring oils is allowed to the extent of 1% of FOB value of preceding financial year’s export.
  7. Providing comments/ inputs to the Govt. of India on negotiations pertaining to the bilateral and regional trade Agreements and for the review of concluded e agreements.
  8. Providing comments on SPS/TBT issues related to fish and fishery products.
  9. MPEDA has been designated as the authorized body for the issuance of R.C.M.C. (REGISTRATION-CUM-MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATE) to exporters of seafood items.
  10. Operation of Financial assistance schemes
  11. Marketing Service Section is operating the following Financial Assistance Schemes:

Scheme for promotion of Indian Value Added Marine Products having MPEDA Quality Logo

  1. Logo scheme has been implemented with the aim of promotion of Value added fish products, processed/produced in MPEDA registered processing plants.
  2. The scheme is aimed at promotion of value added fish and fishery products processed in a MPEDA registered processing plant possessing, certificate of approval under the Marine Products (Quality Marking) Scheme and thereby carrying the MPEDA quality Logo.
  3. The scheme is intended to meet the expenditure for promoting the products having MPEDA logo abroad through super markets/retail outlets/own marketing etc. (advertisements in magazines, production of promotional films, preparation of brochures, display in super markets, cooking demos, exhibitions etc.)
  4. The assistance will be given at the time of entry of the product in the following markets:
  5. USA, Canada, Italy, Singapore, Japan, UAE, Spain, Germany, UK, France, Russia, South Africa, Kuwait, Hong Kong, China, Oman, Australia, Belgium.
  6. Manufacturer exporter will be eligible for assistance for a product only once in a market. He will be eligible for getting assistance on three products in a market.
  7. A manufacturer exporter will be eligible for getting assistance on three products in a market (first come first served) and he will be eligible to introduce the logo products in three markets with assistance of this scheme.
  8. The rate of assistance is limited to 50% (25% as per 12th plan proposal) of promotional expenditure subject to a maximum of 25 lakh in a market for one product.

Assistance for ware housing / transportation / placement of Value added products abroad (New scheme)

  1. Assistance is offered to an exporter for storage of the product in an accredited frozen warehouse, local mobilization to retail supplies and for display of his branded seafood in retail outlets by paying slotting money.
  2. Assistance – 25% of the expenses incurred for warehousing, transportation and slotting in retail outlets in abroad markets, subject to a maximum of 25 lakh per exporter per year.