“It’s pasta night. You want something simple, light and healthy. Your motto for the night is’ no slaving over the hot stove’. Well, here is our go-to recipe for those days when you do want pasta but do not really want to watch sauces and meats simmering and bubbling endlessly. This beautiful shrimp with pasta & spinach is the perfect dinner when you want to whip up something in a jiffy”

Whip up this super-delicious, flavour bomb in your kitchen. Once done, take a good look at the vibrant colours nestling on your plate. The plump, glistening pink Vannamei shrimps in a close tango with the quinoa and the broccoli. The warm, soothing orange of the sauce. The fresh green of the coriander. The golden goodness of the toasted coconut. Ah! You can almost feel the positive energy cruising through your veins, bringing back the oomph to your day.
Now close your eyes and take a deep breath of the fragrances wafting your way.
There is the tangy smell of the sea. A whiff of citrus tones. A nutty whisper. An earthy resonance. Yes, created with the most basic of ingredients, the Quinoa & Prawns in Coconut-Orange Sauce is a bit of magic on your plate. It transports you from dreary office confrontations to the bright sunshine of a day on the beach; from the mundane to the sublime; from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

There is something amazing about shrimps. Sweet and plump, they add just a touch of magic to even the most mundane dishes. The star ingredient in this quick-but-oh-so-delicious recipe is undoubtedly the Vannamei Shrimp. They are a no-fuss kind of crustacean. They are also quite ready to mix and mingle. Therefore, you can pair them up with any kind of vegetable and grain without fear of committing a culinary faux pas. Indian Vannamei Shrimps are absolute flavour bombs. They pack such a punch that you will need very few additional ingredients to make your dish into something special.

So, do not guilt trip yourself over serving up a quick dinner.

If you are making this dish with frozen shrimps, here is a tip which will save you much grief. Frozen shrimps should never be soaked in warm or hot water to defrost them. If you have the time, remove the shrimps from the freezer and place them in a colander in the fridge. If you are pressed for time, run the shrimps quickly under cold running water. The idea is to not let the shrimps stand in water because that will ruin its flavour.

This dish is super light and healthy. The paprika and red chilli flakes bring a subtle heat. The freshness and zest is packed in by the spinach, tomato and lemon. Here is one more reason to try out this recipe. If there are any leftovers after dinner (a rare possibility!), you can tupperware it for a home-packed office lunch. With no heavy sauces, it makes a delicious cold lunch.

The first step in your prep is to cook the pasta. Boil water. Add salt and a spoonful of olive oil. Throw in the pasta and cook until al dente. Drain and keep aside. Heat up a pan. On a low flame, put in half the olive oil and butter. Let the butter melt into the oil. Add half the garlic. When the fragrance of butter and garlic wafts in the air, add the shrimps. Be careful to keep the shrimps separate from each other. This ensures quick and even cooking. Keep an eye on the pan. After a minute or two, flip the shrimps over. By now, they should be a beautiful pink.

Here’s a reminder about making delicious shrimp dishes. The trick is not to overcook. The minute the shrimps take on a pink hue, you can be assured that they are perfectly done. Any more cooking and the shrimps will curl up in dismay and transform  themselves into tough, inedible pieces of protein. Trust us, that is an experience you would not want to have.

When your shrimps are nice and pink, put in the tomatoes, spinach and the garlic. Again, this is a quick-cook moment. All you need to wait for is for the spinach to wilt. This barely takes a minute. When the spinach leaves start getting wrinkled and wet, add in the chilli flakes, pasta and half the parmesan cheese. Stir well, until the cheese melts and coats the pasta giving it a yummilicious creamy texture. Squeeze in a dash of lemon juice and adjust the seasonings. Give a final twirl and switch off the gas. Transfer the pasta into a serving dish and garnish with the remaining parmesan cheese.

That’s it. Your pasta is ready. Serve it with hot, toasted garlic bread and a white wine. Enjoy your quick fix, healthy dinner made with minimal ingredients. The fact that it is loaded with goodness just makes it that much more enjoyable. The vitamin packed spinach and the protein loaded shrimp make a great combination!

Recipe Card

Shrimps peeled and deveined:   450 gm

Cherry tomatoes:     12 nos

Spinach: 100 gm

Garlic  : 2 tablespoon

Butter :   2 tablespoon

Olive oil    :         01 table spoon

Lime  :   Half a slice

Salt   :    to taste

Red chilly flakes     :       1/2 teaspoon

Paprika     :         1/2 teaspoon

Fettucini Pasta :150 gm

Grated Parmesan  : 4 tablespoon

Chopped Parsley :  1 tablespoon


Cook the pasta in salted water, drain and keep it aside.

Heat half the butter and olive oil in a skillet.

Add half the garlic and freshly peeled Indian Vannamei shrimps, and make sure the shrimps are placed evenly.

Sprinkle paprika and salt.

Turn the shrimps and cook for another couple of minutes until both sides are peach in colour.

Add cherry tomatoes, spinach, remaining garlic and cook for one minute.

Add red chilly flakes and give it a quick stir.

Add the cooked pasta to the skillet.

Add in the remaining butter and half the grated parmesan, stir well to coat the past the pasta and shrimps.

Add lime juice, pepper, salt and mix gently.

Garnish with the remaining parmesan.

Prep time : 20 minutes           

Cooking time : 20 minutes    

Serves 4